The Tomberg Family Philanthropies is pleased to announce our 2021 grants. We are happy to be able to support a number of truly excellent projects and organizations working to improve the world in our four primary funding areas of poverty alleviation, the environment, health and education.

We congratulate the following eleven organizations for their successful grant requests. Follow our page for information about each project and organization!

Bridge the Gap College Prep

Founded in 1995, Bridge the Gap College Prep aims to provide comprehensive educational, social, and emotional support with the goal that every Marin City, CA, youth completes high school and graduates from college. Its guiding belief is that education can change lives and change a community.

The project we support will help first-generation students navigate resources available to them and to address challenges they encounter through mentorship. 

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation, founded in 1997, was inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and a global leader in the fight against poverty. Grameen Foundation uses digital technology and data to understand very poor people, in detail, and offer them—and the entire ecosystem of agencies and actors surrounding them—empowering tools that meet and elevate their everyday realities.

The project we support will facilitate access to micro loans in one of the Uganda’s refugee settlements. 

Greater Farallones Association

The Greater Farallones Association (GFA) is the non-profit partner of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Its mission is to ensure the Sanctuary remains an ecologically diverse and globally significant ocean environment.

The project we support is focused on advancing Blue Carbon understanding and management in Marine Protected Areas. 

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA Inc.

ICLEI is the leading global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in more than 100 countries, ICLEI supports local governments to deliver their self-determined sustainability policy and drive local action for low-emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development. 

The project we support will enable local governments in the USA to prepare a Voluntary Local Review of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

International Rescue Committee Florida

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC provides emergency aid and long-term assistance to refugees and those displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster. 

The project we support will provide unaccompanied children mental health resources and tools. 

Jane’s Due Process

Jane’s Due Process helps young people in Texas navigate parental consent laws and confidentially access abortion and birth control. The organization provides free legal support, 1-on-1 case management, and stigma-free information on sexual and reproductive health. 

The project we support will enable former clients of Jane’s Due Process to advocate for the youth reproductive rights in Texas legislature. 

Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership is an international non-profit social enterprise focused on protecting tropical rainforests. It partners with communities in Latin America to develop sustainable economic alternatives to deforestation, making it more valuable for them to keep their forests standing.

The project we support is Sustainable community-led conservation management for indigenous communities of eastern Peru.

Remote Energy

Remote Energy is a non-profit organization formed in 2017. Its team is comprised of electricians, educators and innovators in the PV industry who share a vision to catalyze change in the developing world. Remote Energy is dedicated to sharing their experience, skills and expertise to empower individuals, communities, technicians and instructors in marginalized and developing communities worldwide. 

The project we support will develop a solar energy training course in cooperation with the Northwest Indian College to increase the number of Native Americans who are employed in the solar energy industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Reproductive Health Access Project

The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) is a national nonprofit organization that works directly with primary care providers, helping them integrate abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care into their practices so that everyone can receive this essential health care from their own primary care clinicians.

The project we support will provide necessary training and resources to the primary care organizations to offer its patients treatment with mifepristone. 

Studio Samuel

Studio Samuel is an NGO dedicated to lifting girls and women from poverty. Its founder Tamara Horton is dedicated to create a ‘teach a woman to fish’ platform which would result in opportunity and safe options, steering girls away from the all too common pathways of child marriage, trafficking, and child labor, which deny them education and voice.

The project we support will help girls in Ethiopia to attend school by providing them menstrual kits. 

Women for Afghan Women

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a grassroots civil society organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York.

#ByHerSide project which we have been supporting for the third year helps victims of domestic violence in Afghanistan.

We would also like to thank all the organizations that submitted Letters of Inquiry and/or full grant requests. This year we were able to make grants to 3% of the organizations that applied for our assistance. To those organizations that we were unable to help this year, our decision should not be considered an opinion on the merits of your project. We wish you success in obtaining funding from other sources.

The mission of the Tomberg Family Philanthropies is to support well run and effective programs that make a difference in the areas of poverty alleviation, the environment, health and education. Our focus is on supporting projects that help their recipients build capabilities themselves that will last far beyond the end of the specific project.

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