What does your name mean?

The “Tomberg Family Philanthropies” is an umbrella term for all of the philanthropic and charitable activities of the Tomberg family. This includes the formal grantmaking done through the Advisory Board and described on this website as well as the charitable giving and other philanthropic efforts, both nonprofit and for-profit, of members of the Tomberg family individually and collectively. However, usually when the term is used it refers to the formal grantmaking done through the Advisory Board.  

Are you a formal foundation?

The Tomberg Family Philanthropies is not a formal 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, although we sometimes refer to ourselves as “an informal family foundation”. “Informal” in this case means “not a separate legal entity recognized by the IRS”. Rather, we make our grants using two donor-advised funds. The Philip and Helen Brecher Charitable Fund, named after the grandparents of Charlie, Eddie and Mike Tomberg, is an account at Fidelity Charitable, a nonprofit related to Fidelity Investments. The larger fund, the Marty Tomberg Charitable Fund, named after our father, is an account at Schwab Charitable, a nonprofit related to Charles Schwab & Co. Grants may be made from either fund as appropriate.  

Why do you use donor-advised funds and what are they?

Using donor-advised funds is substantially less expensive, entails less regulation and has no filing requirements compared to formal foundations, and makes sense if the dollar amount of the corpus is relatively small. The charitable organizations that hold our donor-advised funds take care of all of the regulatory compliance and filings on our behalf. You can learn more about donor-advised funds at https://www.schwabcharitable.org/public/charitable/donor_advised_funds .

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