At The Tomberg Family Philanthropies, we strive to be transparent in our grant-making process, and to help prepare our grant applicants for success. Accordingly, we have prepared two videos to help organizations considering applying for our grants better understand how to submit strong applications that give their projects the best chance of receiving funding. 

In the first video, Dave Lyon, a founding member of our Advisory Board, shares what he looks for in a strong grant application.

In the second video, Dave shares what mistakes we commonly find in grant applications. (HINT: always fully answer the questions and demonstrate that the project addresses a root cause). Plus, you will learn a little about the make-up of our Board and why Dave enjoys serving on the Advisory Board. 

These videos are only intended as optional guidance on our grant application process. All of the information that organizations need to submit successful applications can be found in the “Our Grants “section of our website,

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