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Funding Area: Health

Established in 1966 by a group of visionary volunteers who believed it was possible to live in a community where the health care needs of all were met, the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic (WYGC) has offered high-quality, client-centered mental health, crisis intervention, and addiction services to residents of Yavapai County, Arizona for over 50 years. In 1986, the related but separate West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation (WYGC Foundation) was established to support and enhance WYGC programs through fundraising and community awareness efforts. The WYGC Foundation has identified six key services the Clinic provides that demand extra support, in terms of financial backing and enhanced community awareness. These six priorities are Children’s Services; Senior Peer Prevention; Crisis Stabilization Unit; Adults with Serious Mental Illness; Suicide Prevention; and Recovery from Substance Use Disorders. The WYGC Foundation works toward its mission ‘to raise funds and awareness that make a critical difference in the mental health outcomes of our community’ through a variety of fundraising, community education and awareness events and programs. The WYGC Foundation’s vision is that mental health services will be available to anyone in the community who needs them, and that through our efforts we will advance mental well-being and transform lives.

Our involvement: The Marty Tomberg Charitable Fund has financially supported this organization.

Projects We Support

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

The West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) opened on June 21, 2017. The CSU is a single-point triage center open to those experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorder crises, such as severe suicidal ideation, acute intoxication, overwhelming anxiety, intense depression, hallucinations and/or delusions. Staffed by skilled, caring mental health professionals, the CSU provides interventions that can last up to 23 hours and 59 minutes, with stabilization and discharge the primary goals within this timeframe. Goals of the CSU include providing timely, quality crisis intervention sevices and for those services to lead to improved health outcomes; to reduce the burden on taxpayers, law enforcement personnel, and emergency departments by redirecting those in crisis from correctional institutions and emergency rooms to the CSU center; and improving collaboration among criminal justice and mental health entities in West Yavapai County, Arizona with regard to the treatment of persons with mental and/or substance use disorders.

Support Dates: April, 2017 – March, 2019

Organization and Project Photos

WYGC Foundation Chalk Art

WYGC Foundation Chalk Art

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