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Funding Area: Health

UTEC’s mission is to ignite and nurture the ambition of our most disconnected young people to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success. UTEC is dedicated to helping young people overcome the very real challenges of poverty, gang involvement, and unemployment that are pervasive in our communities, primarily Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, Massachusetts.

UTEC’s nationally recognized model begins with intensive street outreach, correctional facility in-reach, and gang peacemaking to reach young adults who have histories of serious criminal involvement. UTEC engages them through intensive wraparound supports, job training in multiple social enterprises, and on-site high school credential classes. UTEC’s primary outcomes are: reduced recidivism, increased employability, and increased educational attainment. The long-term recidivism rate of UTEC participants averages less than 15%, compared with a statewide average above 50%.

Our involvement: The Marty Tomberg Charitable Fund has financially supported this organization.

Projects We Support

Circling Home
UTEC’s Circling Home Pilot Project seeks to provide comprehensive behavioral health services for incarcerated and/or probation- and parole-involved young adults to ensure a continuum of care from pre-release to post-release reentry. This new initiative is a partnership between UTEC and local community health centers and law enforcement offices to achieve both improved recidivism and health outcomes for the highest-risk young adults returning to their communities. When these young adults succeed, our communities see the greatest positive impact on public safety, public health, and economic development.

Support Dates: March, 2020 – March, 2021

Organization and Project Photos

Wall of UTEC’s core values, including “Plant Seeds of Peace,” “See Beyond the Mask,” and “Ignite Social Justice.” 
A UTEC staff mentor with a young adult, both smiling as they lean against the outer wall of UTEC's main program building.
A UTEC staff mentor with a young adult, both smiling as they lean against the outer wall of UTEC’s main program building.
A UTEC staff member high-fives a young adult as they sit in a group circle in UTEC’s indoor gym space, while some young adults play basketball in the background.

All the above photos are by UTEC’s communications team. Used with permission.

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