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Funding Area: Education

On March 29th, 2019, four students met in a classroom at Boca Raton Community High School. Feeling dejected by staff and student leadership at the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, they were deadset on getting a fresh start, creating a space where LGBTQ+ students could feel safe and affirmed. Pushed into a corner by school administration, we set our sights on expanding beyond the school to impact LGBTQ+ youth in South Florida. What started as a small group of high school activists expanded into a vibrant and diverse coalition of queer advocates in just three short years.  PRISM works to expand access to LGBTQ-inclusive education and sexual health resources for youth in South Florida. It’s our goal to make sure everyone feels included in their community, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. PRISM prides itself in being a collaborative member of the LGBT community in South Florida. We know that youth are the future, and that’s why we’ll never stop fighting for this community. As we continue to lead the charge against anti-LGBTQ+ policies both in and outside of schools, we’re cooking up new ways to bring you critical, and oftentimes life-saving, resources on sexual health and queer issues. Pushing forward, we want PRISM to be a beacon of hope, safety, and community for all queer youth in South Florida.

Projects We Support

PRISM Student Ambassador Program

What is the PRISM Student Ambassador Program?

With attacks against LGBTQ+ youth across the state, extracurricular programs and clubs will be even more of a safe haven for queer students. As the school year approaches, consider becoming part of PRISM’s Student Ambassador Program!

PRISM started as a high school club, so we know the difficulties of student organizing. The PRISM Student Ambassador Program (P-SAP, for short) allows LGBTQ+ clubs and student organizations at high schools and universities in South Florida to select one student to represent them as a PRISM Student Ambassador.

As part of P-SAP, students gain the opportunity to actively connect with other LGBTQ+ student leaders. You’ll get access to monthly meetings, group activities, and even an exclusive P-SAP listserv and Discord channel! PRISM will help assist in coordinating LGBTQ-related observances on campus, navigating discussions on hard-hitting topics in your club or group meetings, and more!

Support Dates: March, 2024 – Ongoing

Note: This information came from the PRISM FL, Inc. website.

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