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Funding Area: Education

Mona Foundation supports grassroots education around the world which emphasizes service to the community and increased opportunity for women and girls because positive community transformation lies in universal education and gender equity. Since 1999, Mona Foundation has provided $8 million to 34 educational initiatives in 18 countries and extended quality education to 150,000 children annually. A fundamental tenet underlying all they do is that all people have the capacity to lead in the process of their own development. Access to education, especially for girls, has been shown to be critical to build capacity in individuals, institutions and communities.

Our involvement: The Marty Tomberg Charitable Fund has financially supported this organization.


Projects We Support


Digital Study Hall, India 

Digital Study Hall (DSH) is one of Mona Foundation’s partner projects. What they’re learning and developing could potentially be shared with many to improve education across India and the globe.

DSH’s technological process has been described as “YouTube meets Netflix in a schoolhouse with a dirt floor.” Headquartered in Lucknow, DSH seeks to improve the quality of education for disadvantaged children in rural and slum schools using appropriate “lite tech” and innovative approaches. Grassroots teachers are filmed while practicing the best interactive pedagogy. Lesson videos are shared with poor schools which are given TVs and players to play the discs. Teachers at the recipient schools do not rely on passive TV watching. They’re trained to actively “mediate” the video lessons by imitating and embellishing the activities contained in the videos.

Data from a recent study showed remarkable gains. Children in DSH-supported classes scored almost 400% higher in English and 300% higher in math than did children in a comparison school. Teachers also altered their traditional rote learning approach and became more student-centered and activity-oriented. In 2016, DSH is on track to implement its system in over 900 schools increasing the quality of education for more than 110,000 kids. See more at

Support Dates: May, 2016 – 2016

 Image descriptions (from left to right)

  • Grassroots teachers use Digital Study Hall video lessons.
  • Digital Study Hall is improving the quality of education for tens of thousands of kids.


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