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Funding Area: Education

EMTomorrow is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit with the mission to create an accessible emergency medical service (EMS) education pathway. In D.C., financial and structural barriers exist that exclude low-income adults from accessing emergency medical technician (EMT) certification training. This disparity has led to an EMS workforce that is not representative of the population being served, which contributes to a lack of cultural competence and inequity of healthcare delivery. To address this issue, EMTomorrow is providing a completely free and accessible National Registry EMT-B course and employment assistance for program graduates. We’ve partnered with American Medical Response, the largest private EMS employer in D.C., to help ensure that all graduates have opportunities for immediate job acquisition in paid positions. In addition, the course includes workforce skills workshops that help students build professionalism and other valued skills for the healthcare workforce. EMTomorrow seeks to provide a pathway to an in-demand and fulfilling career that offers opportunity for professional advancement while also improving the quality of EMS services for D.C. residents.

Our involvement: The Tomberg Family Foundation has financially supported this organization.

Projects We Support

EMT Training

We are offering a free, accessible Emergency Medical Technician (‘EMT’) training program that meets the needs of under-resourced trainees and by providing job placement services. We are launching our pilot course in the spring of 2022 with the goal of training 15 National Registry EMT-B (‘NREMT’) certified students in the first cohort. Upon completion of the course, all successful trainees will be offered a paid EMT position at a partnering EMS agency. EMTomorrow aims to hold three cycles of 15 students each in 2022. This program will support a career in EMS for those who do not otherwise have the opportunity. In addition, by providing this program to Wards 5, 6, 7 and 8, EMTomorrow hopes to increase and promote diversity in EMS so that providers can better reflect the communities they serve. What separates EMTomorrow from any other NREMT programs is the holistic approach that we are taking to ensure that our students are successful in the program and as EMTs. We are committed to supporting the financial burden of the EMT training by ensuring the course is 100% free for our students. Not only is tuition covered, but additional hidden costs (textbooks, testing fees, certification fees, vitals kits, remediation fees, and food) will be covered as well. The course facility for the first cohort is the Trinidad Community Center, located in Ward 5 for D.C., which is accessible by public transport to the surrounding community who will be eligible for the course. 

Support Dates:  March, 2022 – March, 2023

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