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Funding Area: Education

The Cooperative for Education (CoEd) works to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. CoEd provides educational resources and opportunities to indigenous Mayan schoolchildren in Guatemala’s Central and Western Highlands. CoEd strives to address the root causes of poverty in Guatemala, rather than merely treating its symptoms.We have a vision of a Guatemala transformed through education: a future in which every Guatemalan child learns to read and graduates high school with the skills they need to thrive. We know that when we empower young people with the opportunities to rise out of poverty, not only will they determine their own stories, but they will also shape the destiny of their country.

Projects We Support

Two-Community Expansion of CoEd’s Rise Youth Development Program for Girls

The Rise Program identifies promising young students who would otherwise be forced to drop out of school, and gives them the tools to break the cycle of poverty. In addition to providing full academic scholarships, Rise offers comprehensive support services from mentors, counselors, and psychologists, and engages students in workshops, community service, and visits to local businesses and universities that transform the way they think about their futures.

Each year, with the help of sponsors, CoEd provides full academic scholarships to hundreds of indigenous Maya students in impoverished communities throughout Guatemala. In addition to removing economic barriers to education, the Rise Program also provides a support system to help students rise above the challenges they face.

The Rise Youth Development Program involves students in leadership, professional, and life skills training.

  • Broadening Worldviews: Through workshops on topics like entrepreneurship, women’s rights, and teamwork, students expand their worldviews and overcome obstacles to achieving their dreams.
  • Career Readiness: By visiting local businesses, meeting role models in different careers, and practicing interviewing skills, students explore the possibilities for their own future.
  • Giving Back: By planning and executing their own community service projects, students learn leadership skills and develop a spirit of service.

The Rise Program achieves sustainability by transforming the lives of indigenous young people who then contribute to the development of their entire country. Currently, 53% of program graduates are helping to pay for their younger siblings’ education—breaking the cycle of poverty for more young people in their own generation.

Support Dates: March, 2024 – Ongoing

Note: This information was taken from the Cooperative for Education (CoEd) website.

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