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Funding Area: Poverty Alleviation

Charleston Legal Access is South Carolina’s first and only nonprofit, sliding-scale law firm. We provide sliding-scale legal services at a price that those of moderate means can afford. Hourly rates are determined on an individual basis by a client’s income and family size. Our initial screening and phone consultations with an attorney are completely free. In-person, 1-2 hour case consultations and limited assistance sessions, as well as full representation. Attorney access, even very limited representation, changes outcomes for families. It can often preserve homes, income streams, and other assets that maintain financial stability and well-being in communities. However, when faced with a legal emergency, many individuals who do not qualify for free legal representation take the risk of going without an attorney, only to find themselves in worse financial and legal trouble and at risk of losing everything. While our hybrid model is revenue-generating, which increases our sustainability, revenue from legal services only covers 15% of our operating budget. With a rise in demand for services, we are seeking like-minded partners to support and invest in our mission.

Projects We Support

Charleston Legal Access Immigration Law Project

Charleston Legal Access (CLA) seeks $20,000 to launch a new immigration law program and expand access to legal representation to the growing Latinx population in South Carolina. Funding will cover a portion of the salary to create a full-time Immigration Attorney staff position. Because CLA has a hybrid funding model based on a sliding scale fee model, we are confident that after an onboarding period, legal fees will help sustain the position. CLA was created to fill a void in the legal community and offer services not provided by any other organization in the state. Our goal is simple: to provide low-cost legal representation and assistance to the working class and others of modest means who do not qualify for free legal services but who cannot afford a private attorney. 

Support Dates: March, 2024 – Ongoing

Note: This information comes from Charleston Legal Access’ website and a brief description from their grant proposal.

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